Wunong Net Technology Company Limited

Nasdaq : WNW

Operates an online food retail store and franchise restaurants in China.

  • Filed 28-03-2021
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  • IPO Date 15-12-2020
  • Lock Up 16-03-2021
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3.03 $
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-39.4 %
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141 %
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117.2 %
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Дата IPO
Объем размещения
5 999 911
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Диапазон цены
4-6 $
Цена IPO
5 $
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Год основания
Головной офис
Shenzhen, China
Веб сайт
Ortoli Rosenstadt Harney Westwood & Riegels SRFK

Описание компании

We are an online and mobile commerce company and conduct our business through our online retail store on our Website - www.wnw108.com. We sell a myriad of food products on our Website. We do not grow, foster or manufacture any food products and all the food products sold on our Website are from our suppliers. We do not sell genetically modified food. We are committed to providing our customers with safe, high-quality, nutritious, tasty and non-genetically modified food products through our portfolio of trusted and well-known suppliers. Optimizing our Website and real-time data, we are able to respond to and match supply with demand for food products in keeping with consumer trends. Food safety, product quality and sustainability are our core values. As of the date of this prospectus, we have launched our first restaurant in Shenzhen and plan to roll out other restaurants through franchisees throughout China. Our present restaurant model (which is subject to further refinement) allows a customer to rent our restaurant facilities, cook and serve food utilizing the food products purchased from us.
Продовольственный онлайн-ритейлер из Китая Wunong Net Technology провел IPO в США по средней цене диапазона 5$

Компания Wunong Net Technology, владеющая розничным продуктовым онлайн-магазином и франчайзинговыми ресторанами в Китае, привлекла 30 млн долларов,