Tony Fun

Nasdaq : TONY

Operates retail shopping malls in China.

  • Filed 22-01-2021
  • Set Terms 23-02-2021
  • IPO Date 26-03-2021
  • Lock Up 28-06-2021
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4 177 500
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7-8 $
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Tai'an, China
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Haneberg Hurlbert GFE Law

Описание компании

We are a retail shopping mall operator in China that seeks to form a joint business and collaborative relationship with and amongst our tenants. Our strategy is to lease, redevelop, and manage well-located, retail shopping malls in Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, with a primary emphasis on Tier 3 and 4 cites that generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. We renovate these commercial retail shopping malls that have generally been poorly managed, and redevelop and design them to enhance their architectural style and image through interior and exterior improvements. We then lease spaces in these properties to tenants. We are redeveloping properties into innovative retail shopping malls that strategically rethink the types of stores to which consumers will respond. We believe that when consumers visit shopping centers and malls, they are looking for experiences that go well beyond traditional shopping. We focus our tenant mix to emphasize consumer experience. Our retail shopping malls focus on non-designer stores and independent specialty retailers. While we believe anchor tenants, such as supermarkets, that drive traffic are still key, we also see a new emphasis on a curated mix of smaller and independent specialty stores that add a sense of novelty to the shopping experience.
Китайский оператор торговых центров Tony Fun подал заявку и обнародовал условия IPO в США на 30 млн долларов

В пятницу компания Tony Fun, управляющая розничными торговыми центрами в Китае, подала заявку в Комиссию по ценным бумагам и биржам для привлечения