Seer, Inc.

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Developing next-generation proteome analysis tests for biomedical research.

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Davis Polk WSGR
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Описание компании

We aim to enable exceptional scientific outcomes by commercializing transformative products for researchers to unlock deep, unbiased biological information. Our initial product, the Proteograph Product Suite (Proteograph), will leverage our proprietary engineered nanoparticle (NP) technology to provide unbiased, deep, rapid and large-scale access across the proteome. Our Proteograph Product Suite is an integrated solution that is comprised of consumables, an automation instrument and software. Our Proteograph provides an easy-to-use workflow, which has the potential to make proteomic profiling, and the analysis of the thousands of samples needed to characterize the complex, dynamic nature of the proteome, accessible for nearly any laboratory. We believe that characterizing and understanding the full complexity of the proteome is foundational for accelerating biological insights and will lead to broad potential end-markets for proteomics, encompassing basic research and discovery, translational research, diagnostics and applied applications. This full understanding of the complexity of the proteome requires large-scale, unbiased and deep interrogation of thousands of samples across time, which we believe is unavailable with the proteomic approaches available today.