Qilian International Holding Group Limited

Nasdaq : QLI

Chinese producer of traditional medicines, chemicals, and fertilizers.

  • Filed 04-11-2019
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  • IPO Date 12-01-2021
  • Lock Up 13-04-2021
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3.13 $
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-37.4 %
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100 %
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-12.6 %
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Дата IPO
Объем размещения
5 000 000
Размер сделки ($M)
Диапазон цены
5-7 $
Цена IPO
5 $
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Год основания
Головной офис
Jiuquan, China
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Ortoli Rosenstadt Hunter Taubman Ogier Dentons
Univest Sec.

Описание компании

We are a pharmaceutical and chemical company based in China that focuses on the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of licorice products, oxytetracycline products, traditional Chinese medicine derivatives (“TCMD”) product, heparin product, sausage casings, and fertilizers. We independently developed all of our products within our research and development department. Our products are sold in more than 20 provinces in China. Our licorice products include Gan Di Xin®, Qilian Shan® Licorice Extract, and Qilian Shan® Licorice Liquid Extract. Our Gan Di Xin® is an innovative antitussive and expectorant medicine made from raw licorice materials. Our Qilian Shan® Licorice Extract is a primary ingredient for pharmaceutical companies to manufacture traditional licorice tablets. Our Qilian Shan® Licorice Liquid Extract is the primary ingredient for medical preparation companies to produce compound licorice oral solutions. Our oxytetracycline products include Qilian Shan® Oxytetracycline Tablets and Qilian Shan® Oxytetracycline Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (“API”). Our Qilian Shan® Oxytetracycline Tablets are used to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases in chickens, turkeys, cattle, swine, and human. Our Qilian Shan® Oxytetracycline APIs are used by pharmaceutical companies in the manufacturing of medications that use oxytetracycline as an active ingredient.
Китайский производитель химической продукции Qilian International провел IPO в США по 5$ – минимальной цене заявле...

Китайский производитель традиционных лекарственных препаратов, химической продукции и удобрений Qilian International Holding привлек 25 млн долларов,