Ondas Holdings, Inc.

Nasdaq : ONDS

Provides a software-defined radio system to create private broadband networks.

  • Filed 26-10-2020
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Sunnyvale, CA
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White & Case Snell & Wilmer Akerman LLP

Описание компании

Ondas Networks provides wireless connectivity solutions enabling mission-critical Industrial Internet applications and services. We refer to these applications as the Mission-Critical Internet of Things (“MC-IoT”). The Company’s wireless networking products are applicable to a wide range of MC-IoT applications which are most often located at the very edge of large industrial networks. These applications require secure, real time connectivity with the ability to process large amounts of data at the edge. Such applications are required in all of the major critical infrastructure markets including rail, electric grids, drones, oil and gas, and public safety and government, where secure, reliable and fast operational decisions are required in order to improve efficiency and ensure a high degree of safety and security. We design, develop, manufacture, sell and support FullMAX, our patented, Software Defined Radio (“SDR”) platform for secure, licensed, private, wide-area broadband networks. Our customers install FullMAX systems in order to upgrade and expand their legacy wide-area network (“WAN”) infrastructure. Our MC-IoT intellectual property has been adopted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (“IEEE”), the leading worldwide standards body in data networking protocols, and forms the core of the IEEE 802.16s standard.