Medirom Healthcare Technologies, Inc.

Nasdaq : MRM

Japanese operator of relaxation salons developing a digital health service.

  • Filed 20-11-2020
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  • IPO Date 29-12-2020
  • Lock Up 30-03-2021
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6.09 $
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0.73 %
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-24.93 %
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800 000
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14-16 $
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15 $
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Головной офис
Tokyo, Japan
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Ellenoff Grossman Greenberg Traurig
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause

Описание компании

Medirom Healthcare Technologies Inc., which we refer to in this prospectus as Medirom, is one of the leading holistic health services providers in Japan. Medirom is a franchiser and operator of healthcare salons across Japan and is a preferred platform partner for large consumer brands, healthcare service providers, and government entities to affect positive health outcomes. Through our well-known retail salon brands, including primarily Re.Ra.Ku®, nascent tech platforms, and targeted health consulting and marketing, we have formed a “healthtech” segment. The healthtech segment’s goal is to improve health outcomes and the satisfaction of our customers, as well as offer corporations data-rich, targeted advertising and promotional opportunities. We operate two synergistic lines of businesses: (1) Relaxation Salon Segment (retail); and (2) Digital Preventative Healthcare Segment (healthtech). By combining brand strength and core retail competencies, including a broad physical footprint in population dense areas across the country, with proprietary technologies and partnerships, our business provides unique, value-added healthcare services to our customers with scale, customization, and cross-network effects that we believe few other companies in the industry can emulate.
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7 декабря компания Medirom Healthcare Technologies, управляющая сетью салонов комплексного здравоохранения и Health Tech платформой в Японии, объявила условия

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Японская микрокапитализированная компания Medirom Healthcare Technologies на 36% сократила предстоящее IPO в США

Японская компания Medirom Healthcare Technologies, управляющая салонами релаксации и занимающаяся разработками в области предоставления медицинских