Meat-Tech 3D Ltd.

Nasdaq : MITC

Developing cultured meat products using proprietary 3D bioprinting technology.

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Ness Ziona, Israel
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MWE KRKR Covington Barnea
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Описание компании

We are a technology company focused on developing and out-licensing our proprietary three-dimensional printing technology, biotechnology processes and customizable manufacturing processes to food processing and food retail companies seeking to manufacture proteins without the need for animal slaughter. We are developing a novel, proprietary three-dimensional bioprinter to deposit layers of differentiated stem cells, scaffolding, and cell nutrients in a three-dimensional form of structured cultured meat. We believe the cultured meat production processes we are developing, which are designed to offer our eventual customers an alternative to industrial slaughter, have the potential to improve the quality of the environment, shorten global food supply chains, and reduce the likelihood of health hazards such as zoonotic diseases transferred from animals to humans (including viruses, such as virulent avian influenza and COVID-19, and drug-resistant bacterial pathogens, such as some strains of salmonella). We are initially focused on developing cultured meat steak technology. In the third quarter of 2020, we announced that we had achieved a significant milestone with the successful printing of a uniform, thin, slaughter-free meat tissue produced from stem cells
Израильский производитель искусственного мяса MeaTech 3D обнародовал условия IPO для привлечения 25 млн долларов

5 марта компания MeaTech 3D, производящая продукты из искусственного мяса с использованием запатентованной технологии 3D-биопечати, обнародовала

Израильский производитель искусственного мяса Meat-Tech 3D подал заявку на IPO для привлечения 29 млн долларов

18 февраля компания Meat-Tech 3D, производящая продукты из искусственного мяса с использованием запатентованной технологии 3D-биопечати, подала