Inhibikase Therapeutics, Inc.

Nasdaq : IKT

Early stage biotech developing kinase inhibitors for Parkinson's and related disorders.

  • Filed 23-07-2020
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Atlanta, GA
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Gracin & Marlow Troutman Sanders

Описание компании

We are a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics for Parkinson’s Disease, or PD, and related disorders that arise inside and outside of the brain. We filed two Investigational New Drug, or IND, applications with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, in the first quarter of 2019 for our lead asset candidate, IkT-148009. One IND is for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, while the second is for treatment of gastrointestinal, or GI, complications that arise as early symptoms of PD in patients. We initiated clinical development of IkT-148009 for the treatment of PD in 2019. First dosing of patients for treatment of PD is expected to commence shortly after the conclusion of this offering. Clinical development of IkT-148009 for the GI complications in PD patients will cross-reference the first human study of IkT-148009 for the treatment of PD. Our programs utilize small molecule, oral protein kinase inhibitors to treat PD and its GI complications. We have shown in animal models of progressive PD that our lead clinical candidate, IkT-148009, is a brain penetrant c-Abl protein kinase inhibitor that halts disease progression and reverses functional loss in the brain and reverses neurological dysfunction in the GI tract.
Биотехнологическая компания Inhibikase Therapeutics, разрабатывающая препараты для лечения нейродегенеративных заболеван...

Биотехнологическая компания Inhibikase Therapeutics, занимающаяся ранней стадией разработки ингибиторов киназ для лечения болезни Паркинсона и