Guild Holdings Company


Предоставляет персонализированные ипотечные услуги и выдачу ссуд.

  • Filed 01-10-2020
  • Set Terms --
  • IPO Date 22-10-2020
  • Lock Up 21-01-2021
Текущая цена
14.75 $
Текущая доходность
-1.67 %
Доходность за 1 день торгов
0.00 %
Доходность по итогам
Lock up периода
11.6 %
Рейтинг от
Дата IPO
Объем размещения
6 500 000
Размер сделки ($M)
Диапазон цены
17-19 $
Цена IPO
15 $
Lock Up
Год основания
Головной офис
San Diego, CA
Веб сайт
Latham & Watkins WLRK
Wells Fargo

Описание компании

We are a growth-oriented mortgage company that employs a relationship-based loan sourcing strategy to execute on our mission of delivering the promise of home ownership in neighborhoods and communities across the United States. Our business model is centered on providing a personalized mortgage-borrowing experience that is delivered by our knowledgeable loan officers and supported by our diverse product offerings. Throughout these individualized interactions, we work to earn our clients’ trust and confidence as a financial partner that can help them find their way through life’s changes and build for the future. We believe our business would be difficult to replicate. Guild was established in 1960 and we are among the longest-operating seller-servicers in the United States. Over the course of our operating history, we have navigated numerous economic cycles and market dislocations. We have also expanded our retail origination footprint to 31 states within the United States, and we have developed end-to-end technology systems, a reputable brand, industry expertise and many durable relationships with our clients and members of our referral network