GreenBox POS

Nasdaq : GBOX

Developing blockchain-based payment solutions.

  • Filed 29-01-2021
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  • IPO Date 17-02-2011
  • Lock Up 23-05-2011
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4.95 $
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-99.62 %
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-99.62 %
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4 150 000
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10.5-10.5 $
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10.5 $
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Головной офис
San Diego, CA
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Nelson Mullins LucBro
BF Borgers
Kingswood Cap. Mkts.

Описание компании

GreenBox POS is a technology company that develops, markets and sells innovative blockchain-based payment solutions, which we believe will lead to major developments and advances in the payment solutions marketplace. Our core focus is to develop and monetize disruptive blockchain-based applications, integrated within an end-to-end suite of financial products, capable of supporting a multitude of industries. Our proprietary, blockchain-based ecosystem is designed to facilitate, record and store a virtually limitless volume of tokenized assets, representing cash or data, on a secured, immutable blockchain-based ledger. In March 2018, we formally announced the launch of our five products: DEL (Delivery App), which provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to POS and PAY; PAY (Payment App), which provides financial APIs to all our other software components; QuickCard Payment System is a comprehensive physical and virtual cash management system, including software that facilitates deposits, cash and e-wallet management; POS Solutions is our complete end-to-end Point of Sale solution, comprising both software and hardware; and Loopz Software Solution is a mobile delivery service operations management solution with automated dispatch functionality.
Разработчик приложений на базе блокчейн GreenBox POS обнародовал условия аплистинга на Nasdaq для привлечения 40 млн дол...

9 февраля компания GreenBox POS, разрабатывающая платежные решения на базе блокчейн-технологий, обнародовала условия предстоящего аплистинга