Baosheng Media Group Holdings Limited

Nasdaq : BAOS

Provides online marketing services for advertisers and media companies in China.

  • Filed 10-07-2020
  • Set Terms --
  • IPO Date 08-02-2021
  • Lock Up 10-05-2021
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1.2 $
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-76 %
Доходность за 1 день торгов
77.2 %
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Lock up периода
-34 %
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Дата IPO
Объем размещения
6 000 000
Размер сделки ($M)
Диапазон цены
5-6 $
Цена IPO
5 $
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Год основания
Головной офис
Beijing, China
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Ortoli Rosenstadt Hunter Taubman Maples Dentons
Univest Sec.

Описание компании

We are an online marketing solution provider based in China. We are dedicated to helping our advertiser clients manage their online marketing activities with a view to achieving their business goals. We advise advertisers on online marketing strategies, offer value-added advertising optimization services and facilitate the deployment of online ads of various forms such as search ads, in-feed ads, mobile app ads and social media marketing ads. At the same time, as the authorized agency of some popular online media, such as Sogou,, BoBo Video, and Kuaishou Video, we help online media procure advertisers to buy their ad inventory and facilitate ad deployment on their advertising channels. Relying on our management’s extensive industry experience, deep industry insights and well-established network of media resources, we have grown rapidly from a start-up online marketing agency founded in 2014 to a multi-channel online marketing solution provider. According to the Frost and Sullivan Report, we ranked, in terms of gross revenue, the fifth among independent online advertising service providers in China in 2018 with a market share of 0.21%, and fourth among independent online advertising service providers by gross revenue generated through searching engine ads with a market share of 0.41%.
Китайская маркетинговая компания Baosheng Media Group Holdings провела IPO по минимальной цене 5 долларов

Компания Baosheng Media Group Holdings, предоставляющая услуги в сфере онлайн-маркетинга для рекламодателей и средств массовой информации в Китае, привлекла