C3.ai, Inc.


Provides a SaaS platform for deploying enterprise AI applications.

  • Filed 13-11-2020
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  • IPO Date 09-12-2020
  • Lock Up 10-03-2021
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30.04 $
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120.21 %
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101.33 %
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15 500 000
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36-38 $
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42 $
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Redwood City, CA
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WSGR Cooley
Morgan Stanley

Описание компании

C3.ai is an Enterprise AI software company. We provide software-as-a-service, or SaaS, applications that enable the rapid deployment of enterprise-scale AI applications of extraordinary scale and complexity that offer significant social and economic benefit. All C3.ai software applications can be deployed on Azure, Amazon Web Services, or AWS, the IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, or on-premise. We provide two primary families of software solutions: •The C3 AI Suite, our core technology, is a comprehensive application development and runtime environment that is designed to allow our customers to rapidly design, develop, and deploy Enterprise AI applications of any type. •C3 AI Applications, built using the C3 AI Suite, include a large and growing family of industry-specific and application-specific turnkey AI solutions that can be immediately installed and deployed. We believe we enjoy a significant first-mover advantage in Enterprise AI, based on our significant investment in our products and technology over the last decade of development. We are not aware of others who have made as much progress as we have in this space. We believe that we have the world’s most extensive Enterprise AI production footprint. Our goal is to establish and maintain a global leadership position in Enterprise AI across all market segments including large enterprises, small and medium businesses, and government entities.
Разработчик программного обеспечения на основе искусственного интеллекта C3.ai повышает цену до 36-38$ в преддверии IPO ...

7 декабря компания C3.ai, которая предлагает SaaS-платформу для развертывания корпоративных приложений на основе искусственного интеллекта,

Разработчик корпоративного ПО на основе ИИ – компания C3.ai провела IPO по цене 42$ за акцию, что значительно выше даже ...

Компания C3.ai, предлагающая SaaS-платформу для разработки корпоративных приложений на базе ИИ, привлекла 651 млн долларов, выпустив на рынок